Carl & Alex

Normally when Alex and I talk to each other, it’s about YouTube, business or creating plans for future videos. Lately though, we’ve discussed our future. Not next week or this summer, but long term, 5-10 year sorta thing!

Over the past 15 years, we’ve spent all our time together, filming, editing and planning. This constant work had begun to affect our relationship as brothers.

Those of you with siblings will probably know how it feels. The love/hate relationship means we can get on each others nerves, especially in the high pressure environment of business.

To be clear, I want to work with my brother. and make films together forever.

Recently though, Alex has expressed a desire to leave Carl and Alex. At first I thought this was CRAZY, and I told him so! Why quit something so good? 

This month, he launched his new YouTube channel called ‘Just Alex’, a home for his own films and a way to document his personal journey. 

His content will be focused on the outdoors, travelling and nature.

But where does this leave me? I’m still making fishing and fishkeeping films, as well as running the Fishing Tutorials channel. I feel sadness realising my business is no longer ‘Carl and Alex’ but instead ‘Fish With Carl’. There are positives though; I get to focus on making the films which excite me, but weren’t satisfying Alex so much. Carp fishing campaigns, helpful tutorial videos, and big films like the koi pond project.

Thinking more about Alex’s decision, I now understand that for us, the only thing bigger and more important than the Carl and Alex YouTube channel is our relationship, love and support for one another. 

As brothers, too much time together can be tough. We need space. We need to grow and develop as individuals, carve our own path and become people in our own right. 

At first, I wished that I could stop Alex going his own way. Now I realise it’s necessary. This will allow us to spend quality time together as brothers, not colleagues, ensuring that films featuring us both continue to happen, a long way into the future. In fact, with us no longer ‘working’ together every day, the first thing we did was organise three big adventures to incredible lakes across the world! You’ll have to wait for summer though until those films are ready to share!

Feel free to subscribe to Just Alex and keep up to date with his adventures. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and right now, it feels like we’re just at the start!