Tip 1.

Firstly, ensure you have permission to fish the location you are traveling to. On private waters (like holiday carp fisheries) you won’t need a licence. However, on public reservoirs, canals and rivers you’ll need a carte de peche. Visit https://www.cartedepeche.fr/ for more information.

Tip 2.

Be sure to bring enough bait. French fishing doesn’t necessarily need lots of bait, but it’s best not to run out halfway through your session. Consider bringing some fresh bait, but then some shelf life options too incase you run out.

Tip 3.

When arranging tackle and rigs for your trip, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need new rigs and different tactics to fish in France. If the fish are bigger than what you are used to catching at home, perhaps use stronger line (15-20lb) or a larger hook (size 6 or 4) but other than this, use what you are confident with.

Tip 4.

Take your time. When you first arrive at the lake, you’ll likely want to cast in, bait up and get catching as soon as possible. However a bit of patience can pay off. Studying the swim with a marker float, or sitting back and observing the fish’s behaviors will really help in the longer term. Spreading bait everywhere and realising you were fishing in the weed for the first two days is not worth it, get the rods out properly first time.

Tip 5.

Keep your expectations under control. We all want to go to France and catch a load of 50lbers, but it’s still fishing and it can be tricky! Take each bite and fish as it comes and don’t be disappointed if your first visit to a French venue isn’t super productive. You may need to learn the lake before it gives up its secrets!