This blog is about long range feeder fishing, the fish were showing far and I haven’t really done much long range feeder fishing so I teamed up with Adam Rooney from Guru who will guide you through the best practices.

Distance casting rod

Step 1.

To get a better casting distance you will need a 12-13ft feeder rod with a distance casting reel, 8lb line and 3oz tip.

Step 2.

For any type of feeder fishing, you will need to put some bait inside the feeder to draw the fish to your hookbait. I choose ground bait that binds together tightly so it sticks to the method feeder and stays on for the cast, you can also use micro pellets as an alternative.

Sweetcron on a hair rig

Step 3.

Choose the hookbait you wish to use, in this case, I’m using sweetcorn on a short hair rig.

Dumbell wafter

Step 4.

If sweetcorn isn’t working you can also use an alternative bait such as small wafters, pellets or even bread.


Hybrid method feeder

Step 5.

There are many method feeders to choose from but I like to use the hybrid feeder for long distance casts, the ridges help to keep the bait in on the cast.

Putting line into the clip for feeder fishing

Step 6.

To be able to cast accurately to the same spot every time it’s helpful to use the clip on your reel, it means the same amount of line is paid off each time before it stops the feeder in the air and drops down on the spot, so this helps to get the distance.


Lining up to the far margin

Step 7.

To get the same direction in front I like to choose something on the far bank like a big tree, on the cast I then aim directly at that to hit the right spot.


Landing a fish on barston

Step 8.

I hope you can now go out and catch carp at long distances using a method feeder 🙂


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