Baiting accurately with a spod/spomb is a very important part of carp fishing, getting your bait out to a specific spot can massively increase your chances of getting more fish on the bank. In this tutorial I will show you the best way to do this:

Braided mainline for spoding

Step 1.

The first thing to do is choose where you want to be fishing, I like to do this with braid on the reel and a lead tied onto the end.

Leading around

Step 2.

Lead around to try and find some clear spots where you can present a bait effectively. Choosing a spot may take a while as you will be dragging the lead across the bottom trying to find gaps in the weed or silt. Once you have found your chosen spot put the braid into the line clip, if you cast again it won’t be able to go any further than that line clip.

Marker point for spoding

Step 3.

At this stage I look at the skyline and try to find something that I can use as a marker, like the top of a big tree. If I’m fishing at night a should be able to see that as a guideline on where to cast to get to the same spot.


Taking lead off of a loop to loop

Step 4.

Change the lead to the spomb, thankfully there is an easy way to do so. The way you do this is by using a loop to loop method.

Big overhand loop

Step 5.

To set this up first tie a large overhand loop. This loop needs to be big enough to pass over a spomb.


Small overhand loop

Step 6.

Then tie a second smaller overhand loop after that. You use that smaller tag end to then pull the loop open and change the lead/spomb around.


Distance sticks

Step 7.

Now I have clipped up my spomb I need to know the distance. Place two distance sticks a rod length apart.


Wrapping up spod

Step 8.

Place the spomb on the ground next to one of the distance sticks and in a figure of 8 motion wrap around the sticks and count how many times it takes to get to the clip.


Reel line in with tension

Step 9.

Once you’ve figured out how many times its wrapped around, you can then reel the line back in with tension and go and get your rod you will be fishing with.


Rig next to distance sticks

Step 10.

Now that you have your other rod place the rig in the same position as your spomb, wrap the same amount of times as you counted previously and pop the line into the clip. Reel the line back in with tension and you are now ready to cast in your rod at the same place.


Taking line out of the clip

Step 11.

Once you have cast your rod in with a rig and lined up with the same far bank marker, you can then take the line out of the clip, I do this because you want to be able to give line if you end up catching a big fish.


Making a cast

Step 12.

I can then use the spomb and at any point bait up my area in exactly the same place as my rod. I hope this tutorial has helped you and good luck with your carp fishing!


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