Carp cruising on the surface

Step 1.

Walk around your chosen lake and try to spot carp cruising around on the surface.

Hooking on a piece of bread

Step 2.

Once you have located them you will need to decide what method is best to get your rig near enough to present a bait, if the fish are showing close in I like to use a free lining rig. To set up this rig all you need to do is tie a hook on your line and then knick on a piece of bread.

Catapulting dog biscuits

Step 3.

Whilst I set up the free lining rig I like to catapult some dog biscuits in to see how they react to the bait, it is a great cheap bait to use when you’re surface fishing. Chum mixers are the ones as they float for ages and carp love them! Adding oil to your mixers can help flatten off the water if there are small ripples that are affecting the fish feeding.

Setting the hook surface fishing

Step 4.

Once the carp are confident in taking the bait this is when you want to cast in. It’s easy to get too excited and strike too early, the tip is to be patient and wait for a second to make sure the carp has sucked in your bait before setting the hook.


Interceptor controller float

Step 5.

After catching 1 or 2 carp they may end up spooking to another part of the lake where you might not be able to cast your free-lined piece of bread, this is where an interceptor controller float comes into play.

Surface fishing hook and pop up

Step 6.

To set up this rig firstly tie on a size 12 hook with 7lb low diameter match fishing line, when fishing on the surface I tend to find quite a small hook is a really good tactic as larger hooks tend to spook fish more easily. I usually use a brown pop up as this looks similar to a dog biscuit, I trim this down and balance it in the margin to make sure it’s sitting quite low on the surface, this makes it easier for a carp to suck in the bait.


Swivel on controller float

Step 7.

On the opposite end of the hook link I have tied on a swivel, which comes supplied with the interceptor controller float.


Threading mainline through a controller float

Step 8.

I have threaded my mainline through the controller float and attached my mainline to the other end of the swivel. Once attached pull your mainline to pop the swivel into the controller float.


Spread vaseline on your line

Step 9.

On the mainline and hook link, I like to get a bit of vaseline and spread it along the line, this enables the line to float much better. Otherwise, your line may end up sinking and your hook bait will end up next to your controller float. The rig is now ready, make sure to get the fish feeding again before you cast in!


Catching carp on the surface

Step 10.

When you’ve got the fish feeding on a certain spot the best way is to cast your controller float further than where they are feeding and slowly reel back in to the spot, this will less likely spook the fish and you’ll have more chance of catching one!


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