The blood knot is probably my most used knot in my fishing and can be used to tie almost any material to something that has an eye, for example a hook or a swivel. See below how to tie this knot: 

Passing line through a hook

Step 1.

Take your line and thread it through the eye of your hook, giving yourself about 3 inches of tag end makes the knot easier to tie. 

Twisting line for a blood knot

Step 2.

Fold the line back on itself and wrap around 7 times. When using thicker line you can get away with only wrapping around 3-5 times. 

Tying a blood knot

Step 3.

Thread the line back through the loop you created next to the hook eye, moisten and pull down tight. 

How to tie a blood knot

Tip 1.

With low diameter line you may have to tie it a little different, start of the same by wrapping around 7 times, instead of pulling down tight after you have threaded the line through the loop, you will need to thread the line back through the new loop you have just created. You can then moisten and pull down tight. 


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