The blowback rig is a bottom bait or wafter presentation, and it incorporates the use of a rig ring that holds the hair in place. Now, by using the rig ring, it means that when a carp takes your bait, it tries to blow the bait out. The hook bait will fly out of the fish’s mouth, but the hook will actually stay in position.

Blowback rig tackle

Step 1.

To tie this rig, you will need the following items:

  • A spool of coated braid hook link material
  • A rig ring
  • A wide gape hook
  • A kicker
  • Your chosen bottom bait or wafter
  • Bait stops
  • Scissors
  • A stripper tool
  • And a baiting needle
Tying Palomar knot

Step 2.

First, take a length of coated braid and trip back some of the outer coating. 

Overhand loop knot on palomar knot

Step 3.

Now tie an overhand loop in the strip section, this will form your hair.

Palomar knot tying

Step 4.

Tie on your rig ring using a granny knot. This will determine the length of your hair once the rig is finished.


Pulling down tight on a Palomar knot

Step 5.

Now take your wide gate hook and attach it using a knotless knot. You’ll need to position the rig ring opposite the barb.

How to tie a Palomar knot

Step 6.

Next, slide your kicker onto the hook link and pass it over the eye covering the knotless knot.


How to tie a Palomar knot

Step 7.

To finish and set the length of your rig, tie a figure of eight loop knot at the other end of the hook link. Next, slide on your chosen hook bait onto a baking needle and then onto your hair.


How to tie a Palomar knot

Step 8.

Now put a boiling stop through the loop to hold your base in place. You now have a finished rig. We hope you found this rig time tutorial useful.


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