The figure of eight loop knot is similar to the overhand loop knot but once bedded down is often more streamlined and stronger. See below how to tie this knot:

Doubled over line

Step 1.

Fold a section of your line back on itself to create a loop.

Passing a loop over itself

Step 2.

Bring this loop section back passing it over itself.

Passing through figure of 8 knot

Step 3.

Wrap the loop around the back of itself before then passing the end through the first loop.

Tighten figure of 8 knot

Step 4.

Pull it semi tight pulling on the mainline loop and tag together, wet the line with saliva to ensure friction doesn’t melt the line and then pull it really tight.


Perfect figure of 8 knot

Step 5.

Trim the tag end and then you have the perfect figure of eight loop.


Spomb with figure of 8

Tip 1.

With a loop in your line, you can attach a weight or baiting device like this. 


Two fishing lines with figure of 8 loop

Tip 2.

You can also attach another section of fishing line which has a loop in it like this.


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