I use a knotless knot to create a hair rig for carp fishing, this creates a bit of separation between the bait and the hook, in conjunction with a lead creates a self hooking rig. Learn more in my step by step guide below: 

Stripping braid

Step 1.

Take a length of coated braid and strip back approximately three inches with a stripping tool. 

Braided overhand loop knot

Step 2.

Tie an overhand loop knot in the stripped back part of your braid.

Thread on hookbait

Step 3.

Thread on your hook bait of choice and secure with a bait stop.

Threading line through hook

Step 4.

Take the other end of the braid and thread it through the eye of your hook towards the point. 


Setting hair length

Step 5.

Pull the hook down until it’s nearly touching the bait and set your hair length. 

Tying a knotless knot

Step 6.

Wrap the braid around the shank of the hook approximately 10 times, moving gradually down the shank each time you wrap around.


Threading braid back through the eye of the hook

Step 7.

Thread the end of the braid back through the eye of the hook towards the point, then pull down tight. 


How to tie a knotless knot


You now have a knotless knot, many carp fishing tactics use this knot so it would be a great one to learn! 


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