The Palomar knot is surprisingly simple but also very strong. See below my step by step guide to tying this knot: 

Doubled over line

Step 1.

Firstly take your line and fold back a section approximately 6 inches long.

Tying Palomar knot

Step 2.

Pass this doubled up section through the eye of the hook. Alternatively if your hook has a very small eye and you can’t pass the doubled up material through it, pass your line trough it once and then back through in the opposite direction, leaving about 6 inches of doubled up line outside of the hook eye.

Overhand loop knot on palomar knot

Step 3.

Tie a loose overhand knot in the doubled-up section with the hook hanging at the bottom.

Palomar knot tying

Step 4.

Whilst holding the overhand knot in one hand, pass the loop over the hook and then bring it back up above the hook.


Pulling down tight on a Palomar knot

Step 5.

Moisten the hook with saliva to stop friction from melting the line and pull down tight.

How to tie a Palomar knot

Step 6.

Once tighten down completely, cut the tag end and you are finished.


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