The uni knot is named due to its universal effectiveness with braid fluro or monofilament, some people though will know of it as the grinner knot and it’s a strong all-around not for use for attaching lures swivels hooks or weights, read below my easy to follow step by step guide on how to tie it: 

Passing line through a hook

Step 1.

Pass the line through the eye of the hook.

Uni knot tips

Step 2.

Double back the line parallel to itself.

Making a loop for a uni knot

Step 3.

Make a loop by laying the tag end over the doubled back line.

Threading six time around uni not

Step 4.

Now make 6 turns with the tag end around the double backed line within the loop.


Completed uni rig

Step 5.

Trim the tag end and your knot is complete.

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