To attach two lines together I like to use an Albright Knot, read below my easy to follow step by step guide on how to tie it: 

Form a loop in your line

Step 1.

Start by taking your thicker line of the two and make a loop. 

Wrapping braids around mono

Step 2.

Next, thread the thinner line through the loop and wrap this around it 5-10 times. For thin line, you will need to wrap around more times and for thick line fewer times. 

Tightening down the albright knot

Step 3.

Thread the line back through the loop and begin pulling the knot down tighter, making sure you moisten the knot before doing so. 

Trim tag end of the albright knot

Step 4.

Trim the tag ends nice and tight so it will pass through the rod eyes easily.


Tips for tying an albright knot

Tip .

When attaching braided line to monofilament it’s important to wrap the braid around the mono rather than the other way round, otherwise, this knot isn’t as neat or strong.

Albright knot

Complete .

Now you have a finished really neat knot for attaching two lines together.


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