The FG knot is the strongest, thinnest and most streamlined knot that you could use to attach braid onto your leader, see below how to tie this knot: 

Tension on braid

Step 1.

Firstly you need some tension on your braid, you can do this by resting your rod on the ground or leaning it away from you. 

Holding braid

Step 2.

Put the end of the braid in your mouth, holding it between your teeth.

Laying leader over line

Step 3.

Take your leader and lay it over the top of the braid. 

Leader over line

Step 4.

Bring the end of your leader down towards the rod underneath the braid and pull back straight. 


fg knot tie

Step 5.

Then bring the leader back around the braid but on the side nearest to you, again pulling it straight after. You will need to repeat this process approximately 20 times to ensure the perfect strength of the knot.

Tightening leader

Step 6.

Pull the leader straight each time to make sure the knot is bedded down neatly. 


Tighten FG Knot

Step 7.

Once around 20 coils have been made it’s time to lock the knot in place, you can now remove the tension on the braid. 


Hitch knot

Step 8.

Taking the tag end of the braid you will need to tie two hitch knots, this ensures the FG knot cannot come undone.


Tighten hitch knot

Step 9.

Take the braid and leader and pull the whole lot down tight.  


Finished FG Knot

Step 10.

Finally, trim the tag ends as tight as you can, this will mean that the knot doesn’t catch in your rod eye. The knot is now complete! 


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