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My name is Carl and since I can remember I’ve loved fish and the waters they swim in.

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Charlie is back home! The big new pond is complete and I’m soooooo happy to see the fish swimming around. Check out the video on my YouTube now. (Link in bio)👌 @oaseuk #koi #koifish
Caught this amazing grass carp recently at @carpinsula in Belgium. They are really unusual fish, quite unpredictable too. I watched them cruising around the lake for hours… #fishing #carpfishing
Keep it under control!!! I was on a mad high the last couple of weeks, having the best carp session of my life landing a load of huge fish, then spent a week in Belgium with my bro and some good friends and also the pond was finished and everything was AMAZING. Of course, what goes up must come down… this week Charlie got ill and doesn’t look good, filming went terribly and I blanked for the 10th night at the mystery lake. OUCH! Gunna stay calm though and spend the next few days editing a video. ❤️👌 #fishing
My quest for a 40 was very nearly completed on the first night! 😂 a cracking common from the farm pond. I’ve got a koi pond video coming soon, then quest for a 40 and also a mad multi species challenge featuring huge carp and catfish! All these videos will be out soon. ❤️🙏 #fishing #carpfishing
A trip I’ll never forget! I’ve got a lot of editing to do 😂 got some videos coming soon ❤️ #fishing #carpfishing
Out filming my quest for a 40lb carp today! Suns out, fish are feeding, just waiting on that 40 now. 👌 happy ☺️ #fishing #carpfishing