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My name is Carl and since I can remember I’ve loved fish and the waters they swim in.

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Done a bit of perch fishing with Omi lately, yesterdays filming went ok but was kinda tricky! The rivers are very low at the moment, feels like we’re due some rain! As soon as the rains come, barbel fishing should be good, but until then I’ll probably focus on carp. 👌 #fishing
How I built a massive koi pond in my small garden! Watch the full film on my YouTube now! 🙂🐟 #koi #fish #carp
My little goldfish isn’t so little any more! He’s grown lots and it was time to release him into the koi pond. I took this photo with the camera placed inside a fish tank pushed under the water! Just look at how clear the water is - big up the @oaseuk compact L drum filter 👌 #fish #goldfish
Finally a new video just went live on my YouTube! I spent the day tracking down beautiful wild carp in a tiny river. And got out fished by Cal the cameraman once again 😂 #fishing #carpfishing
I’ve recently been exploring new locations where I might film at soon. A lot of the spots are small and only hold a few fish, so I’ve been fishing them without a hook. This probably sounds crazy, but if I go and land them, they’ll be harder to catch when the cameras are rolling the following week! It’s something I’ve heard competition bass anglers doing on practice days. You feel the bite, sometimes lift the fish up a little but then it gets away and isn’t too spooked! I’ve found an epic little stream and a new weirpool too both which hold surprisingly large fish. Anyway, seeing as I had my practice rod set up, I thought I’d try for my koi. Safe to say I got a few bites. 😂 Crystal clear water thanks to my @oaseuk filters 👌 #fish #fishing
I think there’s a fish on… #fishing

Fishing Tutorials

Along with my videos, I also like to help people with their fishing. Take a look at the tutorials below to learn more about a range of fishing techniques.